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Pilot Loses Control of Plane, Wreckage Recovered Days Later

A plane that crashed on Oct. 25, 2010 was finally recovered after heavy snow fall prevented rescuers and investigators from reaching the site for several days. They found the remains of the three victims of the aviation accident. The plane was owned by the Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute of Chehalis, WA.

The dead include the pilot, Ken Sabin, 70, a surgeon, Dr. Paul Shenk, 59, and a laser technician, Rod Rinta, 43. The purpose of the flight was to take the two company employees from Chehalis to one of their business offices in Lewiston, Idaho.

The flight departed from Chehalis at about 7:25 a.m. and proceeded normally towards its destination. Twelve minutes after takeoff Sabin requested to climb to 17,000 feet, but never got higher than 14,900. At 7:39 a.m. they began returning to Chehalis, and seconds later Sabin reported “we’ve lost an engine.”

The airplane began a rapid decent, and the last radar contact had the plane at 10,700 feet at 7:40 a.m., when Sabin reported, “we’re losing it.”

Several employees of a logging company, who were located approximately ½ mile from the crash site reported to authorities that they had heard the sound of a descending airplane, loud enough to be heard over the sounds of their equipment.

The plane was discovered in a ravine between 3,000 feet and 3,500 feet of elevation. It was only accessible by foot, located in rugged terrain off a logging road. About one foot of snow fell on the crash site in the days following the crash, which prevented rescuers and investigators from accessing the site. Investigators found most of the wreckage in a 5-foot deep crater.

(Source(s): The Olympian & National Transportation Safety Board)

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